7 Days Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

On this trip you will experience the wildebeest migration with young animals in northern Tanzania and visit the Ndutu plains in the south of the Serengeti National Park. The package covers 8 days in Tanzania including the day of arrival. In order to offer you more variety and to divide the routes into pleasant sections, we have also included the Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater in this program.

Every year from November to December, after their return to the Serengeti from the Masai Mara nature reserve, huge herds of wildebeest migrate through the national park to the Ndutu plains, which are assigned to the southern Serengeti and officially belong to the Ngorongoro nature reserve, to give birth to their calves. The calving season in the Ndutu plains continues from December to March.

Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania

On the first day you will be greeted by one of our employees at Kilimanjaro International Airport on arrival in Tanzania. You will be transferred to Planet Lodge in Arusha or to Ilboru Safari Lodge very close to town for an overnight stay. Dinner is included in the price.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park

After the long flight to Africa you can now take it easy and only have to travel a short distance. You will be picked up after breakfast and taken to Tarangire National Park in a 4×4 safari vehicle. After registering at the park entrance, you will go on a game drive and explore the African wilderness on the first day of safari. The national park is famous for its large elephant population and the ancient, gigantic baobab trees. There is much more to marvel at wild animals and birds. Chances are you’ll spot lions, cheetahs, warthogs, gazelles, dikdiks and the rare, long-necked giraffe gazelles. In the late afternoon you will drive to Sangaiwe Tented Lodge for dinner and overnight. All meals are included.

tarangire np
Southern Serengeti

Day 3: Tarangire – Ndutu Plains / Southern Serengeti

After an early breakfast in your lodge or tented accommodation, the safari in the Ndutu plains of the southern Serengeti begins. You will stop briefly at Loduare Gate and then drive to the Ngorongoro Nature Reserve to enjoy some spectacular views of the Ngorongoro Crater and to take great souvenir photos. Then it goes on to Lake Ndutu, where an impressive natural spectacle can be seen from December to March.

You will fortify yourself with a picnic and spend the afternoon on a game drive before you are finally taken to your lodge or tented accommodation for dinner. You will spend the night at the Ndutu Safari Lodge or the Serengeti Savannah Camp. All meals are included. Other accommodations are also possible depending on your budget and personal preferences

Day 4: Calving period in the Ndutu plains

You will spend two more days in the Ndutu Plains in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where the migratory wildebeest give birth to thousands of calves every day from January to March. The green pastures of this season and the mineral-rich soils of the Ndutu plains attract huge herds of wildebeest, which are spread over the extensive area together with zebras and gazelles. With a bit of luck, you can even watch predators ambush the herds and hunt the newborn animals. Optionally, your driver can arrange a walking safari through the Ndutu region with an armed ranger for you.

You can get very close to the animals on foot and learn all kinds of interesting facts from the park staff, who are trained in natural history. The Ndutu region with its 400 registered resident and migratory birds is also a true paradise for bird lovers. You will spend the night at the Ndutu Safari Lodge or the Serengeti Savannah Camp. All meals are included.

Calving period in the Ndutu plains
serengeti national park

Day 5: Serengeti National Park

If you’ve come this far, the Serengeti National Park is definitely worth a visit. After breakfast at your lodge or tented accommodation, drive a short distance to Naabi Hill Gate to enroll in Serengeti National Park.

You will spend the whole day on game drives in central areas such as the Seronera Valley and the Moru Kopjes. In the late afternoon, drive to your lodge or tented accommodation for dinner. You will spend the night at Kenzan Tented Camp or Kati Kati Tented Camp. All meals are included.

Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater

After an early breakfast in your lodge or tented accommodation, head back to the Ngorongoro Crater. You will log back in at Naabi Hill Gate and Seneto Gate and head down the 600 meter high side walls for a full day game drive inside the crater. The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera in the world. An estimated 20,000 animals are waiting for the visitor, spread over an area with a diameter of just 21 kilometers.

Here you can see black rhinos, leopards and many other animals and have one last chance to tick off the “Big Five”. In the late afternoon, drive up to the crater rim to stay at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge,

crater safaris

Day 7: Arusha – departure

After breakfast at your lodge, drive back to Arusha where your safari ends. You can be taken to Arusha Airport for a flight to Zanzibar or Kilimanjaro International Airport for your homeward journey . – We are happy to arrange your flight to Zanzibar as well as accommodation and transfers on the island. – Of course, connecting flights to Dar es Salaam or Nairobi, Kenya, are also possible. – Just write us an email or give us a call to receive a discount depending on the number of people traveling with you.


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