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ABOUT african moja adventure

African moja Adventure was established in 2020 and we have a fine reputation for personalised service since our motivation is exactly the same to treat all visitors as our personal guests. 

We have invested substantially to maintain the efficiency and the personalised service that has been our foundation and is now the African moja Adventure and trademark. We have focused our attention on training and upgrading the personnel, increasing the quantity and quality of our vehicles, and installing the necessary equipment for smooth communication with the outside world and linking our operations countrywide. 

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why choose US

People choose us because we have the experience, knowledge and the imagination to create an adventure that is just right for each traveler. Every member of our team is dedicated to making your vacation in Tanzania your best vacation yet. We know that your holiday time is precious, it’s a time to unwind, to experience a different life, and even to rediscover yourself. So we work hard to make your holiday a magical experience.

Our team is diverse. We’re climbers, hikers, mountaineers, safari guides, chefs. We love good food. We love beauty. We love our country, Tanzania, and we know it well. We’re all about choice and expertise. With African Moja Adventure  you can choose to tour in small groups with people just like you or set your free spirit loose with independent private travel. You can climb Kilimanjaro the hard way or the less hard way (there’s no easy way. Sorry!).

Your adventure can be safari, volcano, beaches and more and you can pick from camping,  beachfront or luxuriating in the best forest lodges. It can be almost too painful to choose! We’re based in Moshi on the slopes of Kilimanjaro itself and we’re a perfect centre for a tour of Kilimanjaro,  but that’s only one adventure of many. The team are here to help you choose and make your vacation one you’ll never forget. Call us now we’d love to help you decide.